This is why I hate people & this society.
These are all comments I pulled from Toby’s Rest In Peace Robin Williams video.
It makes me absolutely sick to see people calling him such terrible things and actually having the nerve to say that he’s faking it to earn money.
You all are pathetic excuses for human beings.
Since WHEN is it not okay for Toby to show real, true, human emotions.
He has the biggest heart and Robin Williams is probably one of his comedy inspirations
And to find that he was dead by his own hand?
It’s like Toby said, it feels like he’s lost a family member!
It took courage for Toby to upload this video, knowing that it might bring him hate and cruel words.
Tbh he’s more “man” than anyone, opening up and showing a vulnerable part of him to his viewers.
He isn’t a robot. He isn’t just a face on a screen, HE IS A REAL, LIVING, BREATHING HUMAN BEING WITH EMOTIONS JUST LIKE THE REST OF US.
Imagine how he’d feel reading these comments.
Reading these comments myself was hard!
Toby is obviously going through a rough time right now so we need to try and show Toby that we support him through it all.
Let’s try to get #staystrongtoby & #weloveyoutoby trending EVERYWHERE AND ANYWHERE.
Take it to whatever site you wish.
Tell Toby that you love him and let’s make sure that he sees it.
He deserves to know.

Thanks for bringing this to light. He has actually gotten a ton of hate the past two years in particular; which I don’t understand… But also, if you look at today’s society, we are big on shaming everything. There’s fat shaming, skinny shaming, etc. That all equals one thing:bullying. People don’t realize or care about what they say because there is no consideration for the HUMAN BEING on the other end.